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Top 12 Android Game Controllers in India

if you love to play games on smartphones, you must be aware of what the android game controllers are? – as the name suggests, a gamepad is a device that helps you to control the video game that you are playing. This device is integrated with all the switches and buttons which are required to make movement in the game. They are also used to move the cursor and control other functions on the screen. Game controllers are of different kinds, for instance like wired and even wireless. Depending on your budget, you can choose the right one for your system. Android gamepads aka game controllers provide much better flexibility and seamless controls in the android game.

Therefore, gamers around the world invest a lot of money in purchasing a versatile and good quality device. Today we will be talking about the best Android game controllers in india which are available in the market. You read our detailed article and choose to buy one of them. If you want to buy a new game controller then this is the article you must read before making any decision. Let us continue with our article and in the first segment, we are going to talk about the benefits of using an Android gamepad.

Benefits of Using the Android Game Controller

Gaming controllers have turned out to become one of the most essential components of gaming setups. These are the most come with sophisticated features and ensures that you get a seamless experience while playing a game. In this part of our article, as you can read in the title, we will discuss with you the top benefits that you can enjoy by using a gamepad while playing a video game.

Comfortable and user-friendly – gamepad for android games are designed to provide gamers with comfort and flexibility. These controllers come with ergonomic design and shape which is very comfortable to hold and does not strain your palms or causes any discomfort to the hands. Hence, you can use these controllers for a long period of time. They contain all the buttons that are required to play the game and other secondary buttons for controlling the interface.

What is the game controller or Game Pap

Since the buttons are fixed a pattern and labeled clearly, you can easily identify the functions each button has been assigned to. So, even if you change your android gamepad, the key placement will be the same across all devices.

Portable and easy to use – unlike keyboards which are really big in size, best android gamepads are available in a compact and small design which makes them easily portable. You can just slide them inside your bag and carry them wherever you want to. They do not weigh much and neither there is any possibility of damage due to uneven size. For instance, if you are traveling to somewhere else and want to play a video game with someone, then just plug the controller cord with the device and start playing. It is a very simple “plug and play” device which is very convenient to use. These joysticks are also available with Bluetooth and OTG support as well, so you don’t have to worry about the connectivity.

More immersive experience – game controllers help the people to get a more immersive gaming experience which is one of the reasons why people use them so popularly. When you can rest yourself properly, adjust to a comfortable position and get a good backrest, your gaming experience is enhanced by a significant amount because you feel more comfortable and confident while playing the game. Adjusting yourself to any position is not possible when you are using a keyboard and mouse settings.

But, it is completely different in case of the controllers. You can sit or lie down while playing because the controllers can be easily used conveniently regardless of the position you are in. The design of the android controllers facilitates this advantage to the gamers.

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So as you can see that there are so many different kinds of benefits that one can enjoy by using a gaming controller. The advantages that game controllers have brought to the evolution of gaming devices, is absolutely phenomenal. Game controllers are also available at an affordable price in the market and you can easily purchase them.

What to look when buying Android game controller?

You can understand that gaming controllers are a very popular device which is available in the market in abundance. Almost every hardware and gadget company have launched their gaming controllers for the people. Hence, there is a stiff competition between all these product rivals. So if you are easily confused with which controller you can purchase, make sure to read this section because we will discuss things to keep in mind.

Compatibility – the very first thing which you should keep in mind is the compatibility of the controller. If you purchase a controller which does not match your system requirements, then it will not work. Make sure to check that the controller supports your main console and any other mobile device. Majority of the controllers found nowadays come with several connectivity features which needs you to be more careful while choosing the right one.

For instance, some of the controllers come with Bluetooth support or some are wired USB. Even if the controllers get connected to the console, there might be some lag in the connection due to the mismatch of the firmware.

Comfort levels – a vital aspect to consider while choosing the right game controller is the comfort levels which it provides. The controller is a device which you will cling onto for hours and if it is not comfortable, then you will not be able to enjoy your game. It can also cause different comfort issues if you use them for a long period of time. The layout of all the controllers is more or less the same.

buying Android game controller

However, many of them also sport a new design depending on the features the seller has decided to add to it. Always test the controller before purchasing it. Check the kind of grip it has and the weight of the device. Too much heft to the controller can cause your hands and fingers to pain when you use it continuously for hours. Therefore, the comfort level for every controller should be checked.

Build Quality – another very important thing to consider while choosing a game controller is build quality. The build quality of any device is a crucial aspect to keep in mind. Without a sturdy and solid build quality, you will not get a long-lasting device. When you are ready to spend a sum of money on a device, you will automatically start to the belief that it will provide you with good service in the coming days. Check the quality of plastic that the company has used to make the controller. If it feels too light then it is probably made of cheap plastic.

On the other hand, when you use controllers which have a slight heft to them are considered to be more long-lasting because of the graded plastic material that has been used. However, keep in mind about the weight of the device as well because too much weight can cause discomfort when used over a long time. Do not get lured on finding a controller being sold at dirt-cheap price because they will hardly last a few weeks at the most. Always go for good quality and branded products which will initially cost a bit more than others but will support your gaming needs in the long run in a more efficient manner.

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Complicated layout – controllers mostly come with the same layout and do not have many changes to their structure. However, with time manufacturers have included more features and buttons to their controllers which have made them more complicated. This is because too many buttons in one device are surely going to take a bit of time before you can get familiar with the controls. Even if you are a hardcore gamer, always go for a simple yet intuitively designed game controller because most of them have all the functionalities that are required for you to control your in-game actions and interface. Check the kind of functions you need and always try not to make it too complicated.

So here are the most important aspects which you should keep in mind when you are at the store trying to choose the best controller from the stands. All the aspects which we just discussed have proved to be really helpful and allowed users to select the right controller in the best manner. Now we will move on to our next section of this article, where we will discuss the best android game controllers in India.

Top Android Game Controllers in India of 2021

With time several manufacturers have entered the business of producing android game controllers in India. In India, there are uncountable such devices available in the market which makes it quite difficult for the people to choose the right one. To make sure that you investing your money in the right device, we have brought you 12 brilliant android devices that are available in the market. Read about all the products in this segment and only then decide which one is the best for your needs and requirements.

Steel Series Stratus XL –

Steel Series Stratus XL
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Available in a sleek and elegant design, the Steel Series Stratus XL, with wireless support is one of the best Bluetooth games controller androids. You can connect it to your device in seconds. This device is compatible with both Android and Windows which makes it a brilliant buy for users who are avid users for both the platform. It feels like a solid and premium console controller which will last you for a long time. The control buttons are placed in the format of the PlayStation controller. There are 4 LED indicators at the top as well which indicates things like battery level, pairing, etc. The game pad works well with all Android smartphones with Bluetooth support. You can also pair it with your personal computer if you want but it should be running on the Windows OS. Just download the SteelSeries software engine and couple it with the console. All the buttons are responsive and very efficient in controlling any game. The grip is good and due to the not so heavyweight, you can comfortably use the device for long hours. The smooth indentation and analogue stick feel decent for manoeuvring. This is one of the most premia and stunning controller that have is present on our list of top 12 android game controllers in India.

Beboncool Bluetooth Controller –

Beboncool Bluetooth Controller
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If you are looking for an affordable android controller then the Beboncool Bluetooth Controller is one of the best options that you have. At the price which is less than $20, the controller has a decent build quality which is also very light to hold. However, the build is not very strong and the application of excessive force can cause it to break. The buttons and the analog stick feel quite good and the quality is well off. The buttons have a good response time and they can glide really smooth. They are tactile and do not make a creaky sound when used for a long time. The triggers are not that sensitive to pressure but nonetheless has a good response. There a total of 14 buttons on the controller – 4 faces, 4 d-pads, 2 triggers, and the start/select. It has some different modes which enhance the user experience like the iCade mode that is available to iPhone users. The controller is an affordable and decently built device that will surely last you for a pretty long time without any hassles. For all the gamers who have a tight budget and want to make sure that they don’t miss out on the fun of intuitive gaming, they can purchase this controller at the cheap price of $20.

Moga Hero Power –

Moga Hero Power
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The Hero Power is a premium quality android controller that is available at a price of around $59 which drops it in the higher segment of controllers in the market. The controller has a solid build quality which is pretty much essential at the price it is available. The controller is compatible with all Android 2.3+ devices and those which have a Bluetooth integration. The available buttons on this device are the – dual clickable analogue sticks, D-pad, shoulder buttons, shoulder triggers, four action buttons, one start and one select button. The controller is powered by a 2200 mAh battery which helps you to get a brilliant gaming time of more than 12 hours continuously. So it can hold a lot of charges even when you are travelling. The ergonomic design suits everyone who uses it without much difficulty in using it for a long time. With the help of the Moga Boost cable, you can very easily charge your Moga controller without any issues. It comes with an excellent multi-player support and the charging port is placed in such a convenient position that you can play your favourite games while charging the device simultaneously.

MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L. –

MadCatz GameSmart

The main USP for this Android gaming controller is its spectacular build quality and responsive buttons. The device has a matte black finish which looks premium and has a particular shine to it. There is a tiger claw design at the bottom of the right indentation. It supports Bluetooth integration which makes it a wireless device and most of the gamers are nowadays interested to invest their money on Bluetooth devices. The placement of the buttons is in the default Xbox 360 configuration with the X, A, B, and Y as the face buttons. The controller is powered by two AAA batteries which offer you more than 40 hours of continuous gaming. The batteries are replaceable and you need to change them once they are dead. It supports most of the android devices which are Android 2.3+ and the controller is also Nvidia Shield Portable. The design and grip of the controller are comfortable and you can use the device without experiencing much discomfort. Available at a price of around $50, the game controller is a brilliant option for those who want to experience a smooth and premium quality controller without spending too much.

8BitDo Zero Wireless Game Controller –

8BitDo Zero Wireless Game Controller
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One of the smallest android game controllers in India which is available just at $17, the 8BitDo Zero is about 2.75″ long and 1.5″ high. This small and compact design allows the users to use it as a keychain while travelling. The button placements are as follows – four buttons under the right thumb and the two trigger buttons. A start and select button have been placed in the middle. The device is available in black, red or blue coloured stripes which makes it look attractive. One of the major highlights of the device is its compatibility with the Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, and Linux/RetroPi. Even though the controller is very small in size when compared to other devices, it is well built and ensures a sturdy and efficient usage to the gamers. Since it works with almost every operating system, you will not mind spending $17 on this device. This device is a good option for those who travel a lot and want to carry it. The only disadvantage of this device is that the Bluetooth signal is weak and therefore you can face the signal problem. If you need a controller for fun and seldom for use, then the 8BitDo Zero wireless game controller is your choice

Burnaby Android Game Controller –

Burnaby Android Game Controller
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This android controller is regarded as one of the top but budget-friendly devices which you can purchase for less than $20. By the looks of this device, the Burnaby controller is quite similar to the other portable controllers. The grips of the controller are not that indented and feel too good to hold. The buttons are arranged in the typical Xbox configuration. Two full-size joysticks, an ABXY button array, and a home/reset button are available with this controller. The device is handy and not very heavy which allows the users to carry the device anywhere they want to visit and at the same time use for continuous gaming. The controller has a solid and tough exterior build quality which will surely help you to use it for a long time to come. There is a micro-USB charging port and you can easily play games on it while charging the rechargeable battery. The device is well compatible with all OS that is available in the market that includes Windows, iOS and obviously the Android support. If you have a tight budget then the device is one of the best you can get.

GameSir T1 –

GameSir T1
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When you first have a look at the GameSir T1, you might wonder what this is a cross between Xbox One controller and a PS4 controller. One of the most positive aspects of using this controller is its solid build quality and the feel of the analogue buttons. The ergonomic design of the device provides you with a solid hold of the device and ensure that you are able to use it for a long time. With the help of this Android controller, you can control your in-game actions and movements very smoothly because of the responsive buttons. The device is pretty solid even though it is not very heavy which is a welcome feature that the company has introduced. When we tested a few games with the help of the controller and we have found that the device is able to provide smooth performance 24/7. The GameSir T1 is also wrapped with a rubberized coating that feels really premium when you use it. Even though the device has Bluetooth support, it has been buffered which makes the signal a bit laggy. There are 4 LED lights provided in the controller which indicates battery levels, pairing device, charging etc. If you don’t have a huge budget to buy a controller, then the GameSir T1 is a brilliant option.

Pyrus Telescopic –

Pyrus Telescopic
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The Pyrus Telescopic is available at an affordable price of $26 which makes it very easy for you to buy a good quality device without having to spend much. A pretty solid device which is made of good grade plastic but does not carry the extra heft which would have otherwise made the device uncomfortable for long use. The controller comes in a brilliant black finish with red streaks all to make it look intriguing and exquisite. The device comes with iCade support which is however accessible by only Apple users. It can easily be integrated with other OS like Windows as well. The design and shape of the device somehow resemble the Nintendo Switch. The battery has more than 14 hours of gaming time in a single charge. And you can charge the battery with a Micro-USB. The buttons have a tactile feel without any creaky sound. The design of the device disappointingly covers the 3.5mm headphone jack in most of the Android or IOS device. $26 you cannot, however, complain much. The device is also suitable for children and they will not cause any pain or stress on the fingers when they are using the device for many hours. The company also provided a pair of USB cords and warranty card on the original box of the item.

Xiaomi Mi Game Controller –

Xiaomi Mi Game Controller
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Xiaomi has not only mastered the technique of producing some of the best mobile phones but they also develop excellent accessories also. The Xiaomi Mi Game Controller is one such example. This game controller has a matte black finish with shiny buttons and aesthetic overall look. The box contains the manuals and the USB port which is used for charging. The overall look of the device has a classic makeover. The device is fluid and brilliantly responsive which makes it possible for the gamers to use smooth and quick controls while playing different games. There is a uniform body weight throughout the device which makes it really easy to continuously for long hours and the use of good quality & will help you save a few money on electricity bills at the end of the month. It turns the device off after about 5 minutes from when you have stopped using the device suddenly and now don’t want to use it anymore. Available at a price anywhere between $24 – $26, depending on the seller, the Xiaomi Mi controller is a good package at an affordable price with exciting features. The gamers can make sure to check for the product at different sites and purchase from the one where the price is still on the lower side.

Nyko Smart-Clip –

Nyko Smart-Clip
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The Nyko Smart-Clip is a brilliant android gaming device which can hold your smartphone in the best possible manner. The device supports any iPhone, Android, Windows phone that are available in the market. The controller comes with a Smart Glass or PlayStation app that helps to read about codes, tips and much more. The Smart Clip will be charged by the rechargeable battery that helps the device to run continuously for more than 10 hours at a stretch. The device has dual ports which facilitate the use of two different controllers at the same time. The device has a premium black finish with a subtle colour tone that does not reflect too much and has a good aesthetic design. The device is ergonomic to hold and much more comfortable than some other competitors. You will be glad to know that the device has a price tag of $14.55 and therefore is quite a decent package in this range for an Android gaming controller. The Nyko Smart Clip has some better alternatives in the market but overall it is just a decent controller for basic and average controls.

Razer Serval –

Razer Serval
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Razer has been one of the top companies who manufacture premium quality and highly expensive mobile accessories. The Razer Serval is one of the top controllers that we have mentioned in this list. Coming in a pure black finish which a matter tone makeover along with an opaque Razer logo imprinted on the right side. There are green streaks and LED notification lights which give a fantastic look to the controller. Like most other controllers there are 4 face buttons, 2 concave analogue sticks, 2 trigger buttons and 2 shoulder buttons available with this device. The buttons are very responsive and you can see that the action has been carried out in the screen immediately. The concave indentation with rounded edges is comfortable to hold and allows the gamers to use the device for a long period of time without any discomfort. The Razer Serval comes with both the two types of connectivity – wired and wireless. So the gamers can use the controller according to their preference. Available at a price of  $79.99, this is the most expensive option that you can avail on our list but in return, you are bound to be impressed with the kind of quality and service it comes with.

So here are the top 12 android game controllers in India which are available in the market. All these controllers come with excellent features and their own set of benefits. Our list contains controllers of different price range and according to your budget, you can choose to purchase. Previously we have already talked about the different things you should keep in mind while buying a game controller. Now, after reading about 12 of the best devices, it is your choice on which product you are going to invest your money in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are often confused when they are going to purchase an android game controller. However, today we are going to answer all the most commonly asked questions which people generally ask in other forums.

Is game controller better than the keyboard?

Ans. This is a very common question which a lot of people often are confused about. You need to understand that a controller and keyboard are two absolutely different devices which have their own set of specific functionalities. A keyboard is not only used for gaming but to carry out all the other tasks on the computer. On the other hand, a game controller is only used to play games properly. Therefore depending on the preferences, you have like flexibility, comfort and convenience, you can choose either or both.

How much to spend on a controller?

Ans. The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Not everyone has the same budget and very often people differ on the basis of their budget. Some want to buy the most expensive of the lot whereas some do well with anything they get without burning a hole in the pocket. However, a minimum budget of $20 and to a limit of $55 is considered to be ideal for fetching a good and premium quality Android game controller.

Should you buy a wired or wireless controller?

Ans. Wireless controllers have taken the market by storm. They offer more flexibility and comfort when you want to play for a long period of time. Without the wire, you have the freedom of movement. But these also have a few problems like signal issues, more expensive and compatibility problems. Therefore depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose either of the two. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How to understand the quality of a controller?

Ans. You can read in our article, in the beginning, that we have mentioned some important points to check whenever you purchase a controller. But if someone has gifted you or are in a dilemma between two almost the same products, then you should always check which device offers a better value for money features and benefits. Always go for a product which is offering good features at an affordable price.

So here are some questions which you can check and clear all your double regarding android game controllers in India.

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