True Wireless Earphones Under 4000Rs

Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021

Day by day with the upgrade in technology, especially in the case of earphones people have been seen to incline towards ‘True Wireless Earphones’ that are nowadays known asTWS EARPHONES‘. Seeing this cult and fads and craze among people, various mobile manufacturing companies have been coming up with new mobile devices that lack audio jack (earphone/headphone slot) and this is where the choosing the best wireless earphone as well as a wireless headphone has become a smart decision for you to not get cheated or compromised with value for money earphones you purchase.

Whether you are a music lover, GAMER or someone who loves listening musing while jogging, doing a workout in the Gym or above all a listener who has been looking for ‘Best TWS earphones under 4k‘ budget, and holding their savings for the best one himself/herself, then hold your breath you are going to surprise with these TWS Airpods collection we have given you here.

If you are counting yourself among those smart people who make smart analysis and takes a smart decision in this competitive market; and want to go one step smarter to select Best TWS earphones for your use then you are at the right place. Believe me! You are going to buy one among our Top 10 True Wireless Earphones Under 4000Rs suggested list that we have presented here only for our loyal readers after lots of comparisons, research, and practical use. So, stay tuned and enjoy the guide below regarding your query.

What Makes these Best TWS earphones Stand Out the Competitions?

While we have been familiar with our conventional Best Earphone Bluetooth in the market, where many of them are already used by us and our friends surrounding; TWS earbuds have its own identity and craze among youth, gamers, Professional as well as a regular music lover and that is because:

  • These Bluetooth Earphones come with a charging case that not only gives a cool look and makes it comfortable to carry but also has the battery in it which in turn charges the earphone battery. By this, the headache of charging loss, earbud loss, and wire pulling and microphone damage (in case of wired earphones) gets eliminated.
  • Nowadays for many sports lovers, Runners, joggers, and Gym maniacs, it is mandatory to have the ‘Best Bluetooth Earphones‘that simplifies their workout and eliminates the dangling irk causes by earphones and hence these TWS ear pods enhance their audio experience, hassle-free calling and more.
  • The less charging time and more battery life of these Best TWS earphones are other significant features and due to this, you are capable of enjoying flawless streaming for 15-20 hours with no worries and with the advancement of technology they also come with touch sensitivity and smart audio operation that further make their use lucrative.

Parameters we ‘stick to’ while picking these TWS Earphones:

Comfort & Portability:

Comfort should be the main key factor while looking for TWS earphones since it decides how long and uninterrupted you can use your earphone while in day to day use.

These TWS under 4 thousand rupees range we have mentioned here are the best out there. Whether you are in canal (in-ear earphone lover) or regular Earbuds (rest against the ear canal but don’t enter) lover, both with its advantages have also been made in our list.

On the general term, earbuds with rubber tips give you a better sound experience.

Connectivity & Range:

While choosing Bluetooth earphone connectivity is a prime aspect since this decides both audio quality and comfort listening without any hindrance.

Top 10 True Wireless Earphones Under 4000Rs

We have considered Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1 and above version earbuds with better audio quality with the minimum connection range of 10 meters and hence you can easily move around, do your house core hand-free, attend calls, etc. with any compromise in quality of sound.

Battery Life & Durability:

Battery life has been taken care in various forms like:

Battery Life of True Wireless Earphones Under 4000Rs

How long does it take for charging? – We have preferred fast charging especially type C charging supported earbuds that save your time and give quick charging experience.

How long it gives you non-stop listening experience? – Minimum 15-20 hours of non-stop on the go earphones have been our superior choice.

Audio Quality:

Searching under 4k TWS earphone range, it is obvious that the audio quality must be standing on expectation and to make it one step better experience for your Tws earphone with Good Bass search, we have scrutinized all the technicalities that are responsible for better sound quality like:

Audio Codex: (Starting from AAC, SBC segment till Apt X/ Apt HD/ LDAC for the best quality sound experience – based on price range)

Driver Size: Normally 9-10 mm driver size gives you the best sound quality.

Bluetooth Version: 5.0 and above

IP Rating:

Many users who are a sports lover, runner, jogger, Gym Maniac, etc. want their earphones to be used rough and tough and hence should be dust as well as water/ sweat resistant and hence keeping that in mind also, we have considered IP rating earbuds.

water sweat resistant Battery Life of True Wireless Earphones Under 4000Rs

IP (International or Ingress Protection) rating scale determines how extreme your TWS earbuds can handle the exposure of water, sweat, dust, or not.

IP ratings are denoted with two numbers (first number hints you about its dust/ dirt exposure where the other one defines moisture/water resistant capability of your TWS earphones.

e.g: IP 54 – (5 denotes dust exposure) and (4 denotes sweat/water resistant)

While these were the main parameters we had while listing ‘Best TWS earphone under 4k range’, we also focused some really must have factors such as Noise cancellation (Active noise cancellation and environmental noise Cancellation), Gesture Control/ Touch Control (for easy music surf/ voice call and other functionalities on the tapping mode), etc.

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On the other hand, our Tws earphone with Gaming mode has been added in the list for GAMERS who are looking for the best sound experience while playing games and gives no lesser experience than the wired headphones.

Top 10 Selective True Wireless Earphones under 4000 Rs in 2020

As already mentioned above, after a lot of research and self-satisfaction and keeping our audience category and choices in mind, we have come up with these Best collection of Top 10 TWS Earphones under 4K Category. Check out about what makes it stand out from the other wireless Bluetooth earphones in the market.

1. OPPO ENCO W31 True Wireless EarphoneBest Overall
2. WeCool Moonwalk X3 True Wireless EarbudsRunner Up
3. CROSSBEATS Urban 2020 Latest True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds
4. CrossBeats Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
5. Noise Shots X5 Charge True Wireless Earphones
6. Hammer Solo Truly Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 Earbuds
7. Realme Buds Q in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds
8. Wings Touch in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
9. Noise Shots Rush True Bluetooth Wireless by RealmeBest for Gamers
10. Realme Buds Air Neo Bluetooth True Wireless HeadsetRunner Up

1. OPPO ENCO W31 True Wireless Earphone (Black)

First, in the list, we have selected Oppo Earbud and this is because no matter you are a regular listener or a Gamer this has been designed to give the best sound experience to the user.

The rubber tip with a tiny design earphone comes with maximum compatibility, balance and bass mode, IP 54 rating, and above all a gesture control where you can handle a maximum of your operation and calls with smart tap go.


  • Balance and Bass more for selective listening mode.
  • Best for Gamers as well as general TWS wireless lovers.
  • Optimal for Dust and sweat/water Protection (gives rough and tough use).
  • Gesture (touch) sensor and hence hand-free handling of the call, music with just smart tap facilities.
  • 15 hours consistent playback experience with Active noise cancellation feature.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • Gesture control is a little bit slow.
  • No manual buttons such as pause, play, forward, etc.

2. WeCool Moonwalk X3 True Wireless Earbuds

Initially, we wanted to keep this earphone in the first place due to an eye-opening feature of it, and that too in this price segment.

What you want in a standard TWS earphone when you are looking under 4k range. Starting from 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 30-meter connection range, waterproofing, everything is there and more interestingly it comes with wireless charging that also has the feature to charge your phone as well.


  • Come with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth versions that give your HD sound quality and of 30-meter connectivity range.
  • Gesture control is another feature where you can simply pick your calls, play/ pause music by smart touch tap.
  • Comes with an IPX4 rating that means it is sweat and splash-proof as well.
  • Stereo or mono pairing feature based on your preference.
  • SIRI and Google voice Assistance support.
  • Comes with 3000 MAH wireless charger casing (for earphones) that has the capability to charge earphone 10 times more and also acts as a power bank for your mobile device.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • once charged with wireless charge, the music playback time is 4-5 hours and again you will have to recharge it for reuse (but that is compensated by 3000 MAH battery of your casing which can charge it 10 more times.)
  • Very tiny for semi canal earbud lovers.

3. CROSSBEATS Urban 2020 Latest True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

If you are not strict to your budget and then with more than 100 rupees you can get this invisible earbud by CrossBeats that has been designed for overall use and people who love sports, or a regular runner, or gym person.

The earbud comes with IP 67 rating that means you enjoy the rain or swim wearing it, you’re ecstasy is not going to compromise. And believe me! You are not going to get any other earphones in with these many features in the same range.


  • Highly, dust, and water/Sweat-resistant. Best for swimmers, Athletes.
  • Comes with lightweight 3.5 gram and tiny built, invisible to others.
  • Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version and enhanced audio driver for Ultra HD sound quality.
  • Smart Tap Voice control as well as Google and Siri voice-enabled.
  • Fast charging, easy connect. More than 12 hours of Battery life.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • No manual operation keys.
  • Very tiny for those who search in trending and appealing design.

4. CrossBeats Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

CrossBeats has a wide design of technology-enabled TWS Earphones and that is why this earbud which is again Google Assistance and Siri voice support enabled has been added in the list which further comes with whole day battery life and crystal clear audio quality.

its gesture control and IP X5 rating for dust and water is satisfactory to know in this price segment and falls under real value for money gadget.


  • Semi-ear canal design for trending fashion, and rubber tip for the best sound experience.
  • Water and dust resistant, fast charging, long battery life for maximum music experience.
  • Smart gesture control and Google/ Siri voice assistance support.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for easy connect.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • Earbuds charging case keeps charging ear buds, even after they fully charged.
  • Lacking manual operation buttons.

5. Noise Shots X5 Charge True Wireless Earphones with 2200mah Charging Case

You can only opt for this earphone when you understand the USP of these earbuds. in general, each of the earbuds lasts for 5 hours by first time charging, but the casing (which acts as a charger or you can say as a power bank) has the capacity of charging your earbuds 10 more times.

So, now no need to worry about extra power supply every time (power bank) you go somewhere out with these earbuds.


  1. Fast connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, and connectivity range if of 10 M.
  2. comes with 2200 mAh fast magnet charging case, hence even though music playback time is 5 hours, the case has the capacity of charging 10 more times and hence making it 50 hours of play-time.
  3. IP X5 makes is splash-proof and better for athletes as well.
  4. Supports Google and SIRI assistance and it is mono as well as stereo connection and calling feature.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • Comes with only 5 hours of one-time charge battery backup.
  • Only sweat/ splash resistant but not dust resistant.
  • NO gesture control.

6. Hammer Solo Truly Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 Earbuds

If your budget is comparatively low and looking for TWS earphone under 3000 range then I would suggest you go with this Hammer wireless earphone that is of but kind in this price range and highly preferred in this range.


  • Comes with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and hence gives you an easy and fast connect facility.
  • Maximized hammer appeal on your ear.
  • Best stereo sound quality and easy connection.
  • Commands of play/pause, call attend are given by pressing the button upper side.
  • Cool and satisfactory gadget for travelers and riders on this price range.
  • Comes with rubber ear tip for maximum noise cancellation and a better experience.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • One time charging lasts for 2-3 hours, but again that is powered by its case. Lower power consumption makes it optimum for a one-day backup.
  • No gesture (touch) control.

7. Realme Buds Q in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds

Now, this is going to surprise you and within this price tag, I don’t think you have any better option. So, if you are even below 2500 range, then Realme Buds Q is the best TWS for you. Not only you are getting 20 hours of battery backup but eye-opening features such as gesture control, 5.0 Bluetooth mode, low latency gaming mode.


  • You rarely see waterproof/ sweatproof earbuds in this segment but Realme comes with IP X4 modes.
  • 10 mm bass boost driver and lightweight 3.6 g take it another level for audiophiles.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • No Active noise cancellation or Environmental Noise cancellation mode.
  • Only water resistant, No dust proofing.

8. Wings Touch in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (TWS) with Mic

If design also is one key factor while choosing a new TWS earphone for you, then Wings can help you out, its catchy Royal design gives you royal feel while wearing it.

While coming with 5-6 hours of music time (5 more time case charging capacity that means if once the case is charged, you can recharge your earbuds for 5 more times.) and latest 5.0 Bluetooth versions, you can enjoy best sound quality which is further powered by 6 mm micro neodymium speaker driver.


  • Comes with gesture control (touch sensor) and hence play/pause, volume control, call attend, etc. are managed by smart tapping.
  • Google voice assistance, as well as Siri’s assistance, enabled.
  • Easy connect water and sweat resistant and compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as android and iOS.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


Once Charged, Goes up to 5-6 hours playtime, then recharge for reuse.

Specially Designed TWS Earphones for Gaming

Audio comes with a delay of course in a certain case, and especially when you are a gamer. For gaming, I will suggest better go for wired earphones/ over the ear headphone rather than preferring TWS, because that is more satisfactory for smooth gaming experience rather than going for TWS Bluetooth earphones.

But again, there is some Tws earphone with Gaming mode that their manufacturer boasts have been specially designed for smooth gaming purpose, and that is why I felt to filter out some even best among them.

So, if you are crazy about going for TWS earphones for gaming, then you should try out any of these two earphones.

9. Noise Shots Rush True Bluetooth Wireless

Noise justifies his brag regarding this gaming earphone that comes with In-canal build and gives long-lasting ergonomic gaming experience. Its 12 mm speaker driver and latest 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity further enhances the bass sound and not only that you have 3 preset equalizer mode for better gaming.


  • IPX5 ensures water resistance and sweat proofing for rigorous use.
  • Comes, gesture control enabled and hence gives your smooth use for calling, music, etc. by smart tapping.
  • The In-canal design gives super-fit grip to ear and hence optimum for sporty, athletes, runners, etc.
  • It Comes with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity for hindrance free use.
  • Total playtime goes up to 24 hrs. (one-time charge goes up to 6 hours and the case can recharge 3 times more, so total playtime 24 hrs)
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


One time charge gives only 6 hours of continuous playtime (even though it is justified by 3 times more charging case).

Check out for best Offer: Amazon

10. Realme Buds Air Bluetooth True Wireless Headset

Another low latency TWS earphone category goes for Realme Buds only where this model is claimed to provide your gaming mode where you have low latency and high performance.

On the other hand, its 5.0 Bluetooth Connectivity and 13 mm Bass booster driver gives you an exciting play experience.


  • Comes with touch control and with smart tapping you can monitor your call and music on the go.
  • Comes with Mic for a clear phone call and recording, with the 10 M standard range.
  • The lightweight of 4.1 g is surprising with further gives you playback time of 17 hours (3 hours on the earbuds & 14 hours on the charging case).
  • The earbud supports fast charging and charges within 1.5 hours.
Top 10 TWS Earphones Under 4000Rs for Regular Listeners & Gamers in 2021 1


  • Earbud sole charging time 3 hours (even though supports 14 hours on the charging case).
  • Not ideal for In-canal earphone lovers.


‘Wireless Bluetooth earphones’ has not remained only a gadget hand free and wire-free access of your Smartphone but with the time changing, it has become the matter of satisfactory audio experience, music experience, cult over time, and when you go one step further, its craze in gaming maniac is ……………

With the time changing the current fads goes with True wireless Earphones (TWS/ True Wireless Stereo), but again choosing one best suited for your passion is not a piece of cake.

Whether you go with any of the ‘Wireless Bluetooth TWS earphones‘ that are mentioned above according to your requirement or budget; never forget that these are the Best TWS earphones below 4k range and after testing these from all the angles, we have suggested you the same. So, if you have been making a budget and have made up your mind for best true wireless earphones this time, then feel free to check out its competitive price on Amazon and make the smart decision for your own TWS Earphone choice.

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